Headset Types

When you purchase Dragon speech recognition software, you get a headset in the box for free.

The included headset is a high quality noise-canceling headset which includes a USB adapter (similar to the Andrea NC-181). Models vary depending on your version of Dragon. You also have the option of selecting different headsets from the listings below.

About the Wireless Headset Technology used with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Dragon Medical Practice Edition :

There are basically three competing technologies used for Wireless headsets.

Technology rating for Dragon for wireless (wired always the best):

First : WIFI
Second : Bluetooth
Third : Radio Wave

  1. WIFI – This is the oldest and most reliable WIRELESS Technology. WIFI is the same technology used when you connect your laptop to the Internet.
      • Headsets that use WIFI have a 275 ft. area covered.
      • When using Dragon, the quality is very close to a wired headset – you lose about 1 to 2 % accuracy as compared to a wired headset.
      • When using Dragon, you do not need to create a new "source". All you are required to do is to go through the 30 second "audio setup"
      • WIFI headsets are automatically synched with receiver. You DO NOT need to PAIR it.
      • Some models work with both computer and phone.
      • The only 2 drawbacks are that they are usually more expensive, and they have a receiver/ recharger stand that must sit next to computer. These stands are 2 inches by 4 inches. They are not great for doing "Rounds".
      • WIFI is the Easiest technology to use.

        RECOMMENDED HEADSET: GN Netcom 9350, Plantronics CS-50 USB

  2. Bluetooth – This technology was traditionally used for mice, keyboards and printers. Bluetooth technology came into the headset market when they jumped into the cellular phone arena.
      • Bluetooth headsets have a 75 ft area covered.
      • When using Dragon, you lose 2 to 4 % accuracy as compare to a wired headset.
      • When using Dragon, you must create another "source" for your user and do a bit more training.
      • When using Dragon, you must modify the "Options" tab to require one to say "click" when clicking on items on screen. If you do not do this, Dragon will randomly click on buttons and words.
      • Bluetooth headsets must be "PAIRED". This links the headset to the 2 inch USB dongle receiver. Sometimes you have to PAIR the headset every time you restart computer. Sometimes you only have to PAIR it less frequently.
      • Bluetooth headsets are less expensive.
      • Bluetooth headsets are more mobile. They merely have a 2 inch USB dongle for a receiver. This is great for Tablet PCs and/or laptops especially for doctors doing "rounds".

        RECOMMENDED HEADSETS: Speechware Flexy Mic, Andrea BT-200, Plantronics Calisto

  3. Radio Wave – This is the oldest technology but only recently applied to the headset and computer arena.
      • This technology is used for microphones that attach to your Lapel or hang from a cord around your neck.
      • While this a great technology, it is very hard to find a good spot on your shirt or jacket to attach the microphone. In one position, you get excellent reception and accuracy and in another horrible reception. I do not recommend hanging it around the neck. -

        RECOMMENDED HEADSET: RevoLabs Solo Desktop