1 Focus Medical Software Announces Nephrology Case Study

1 Focus Medical Software focuses on providing full-service support for Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 to physicians. They have recently published a case study highlighting the collaborative success of their relationship with a physician and the efficient use of the dictation software in the practice.

Dr. Spitalewitz relies on his speech recognition solution throughout the day to capture comprehensive patient notes.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 28, 2015

1 Focus Medical Software is pleased to announce the publication of a new customer case study featuring Dr. Samuel Spitalewitz, a nephrologist from Brooklyn, New York. The story highlights Dr. Spitalewitz’s successful use of Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 with ongoing support and training from 1 Focus Medical Software.

Through his relationship with 1 Focus Medical Software, Dr. Spitalewitz has been able to eliminate the need for traditional dictation resources within his practice, and has found that his ability maintain his professional integrity has improved since implementing Dragon Medical Practice Edition. 1 Focus Medical Software is dedicated to providing quality solutions and support to physicians like Dr. Spitalewitz, and has been recognized as a top reseller of the Nuance Communication, Inc. speech recognition technology.

“Like the other physicians we support, Dr. Spitalewitz relies on his speech recognition solution throughout the day to capture comprehensive patient notes. Without Dragon Medical Practice Edition running at full throttle, his work suffers. Dr. Spitalewitz appreciates the fact that, when he has a question, he receives an answer directly from me or Ted Maher, Owner of 1 Focus Medical Software,” says Joshua Arciniega, Chief Technology Officer of 1 Focus Medical Software.

To download a copy of this case study, please visit For more information please visit or contact Joshua Arciniega at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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About 1 Focus Medical Software 
As an Elite national reseller of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 by Nuance, 1 Focus Medical Software focuses on providing full-service support to medical practices interested in maximizing their productivity and quality of patient care through the use of technology. The team assists with the purchase, installation, training, and use of their products for life. They will make sure that a clinical practice’s specific needs are met and the right solution is found. Offering full-service software consulting, online speech recognition software and hardware sales for the medical field, 1 Focus Medical Software can be found at

Using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Remotely

There are a few of features included in Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 that make remote use extremely accessible for medical professionals on the go, the Dragon Remote Microphone App for iOS and Android, the Dragon Recorder App for iOS and the Remote Desktop Connection feature.

Dragon Remote Microphone App

When used with the free Dragon Remote Microphone App, you can turn your compatible iPhone, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad or Android device into a wireless microphone for use with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 over a WiFi network and it's easier than ever to get started. Simply use the camera on your device to scan the barcode that Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 provides on-screen to experience the accuracy of Dragon Medical software via the microphone on your smartphone. This app is also compatible with Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac. 

Dragon Recorder App

The Dragon Recorder App takes things a step further allowing users to experience all the benefits of a digital recorder on your smart device.  Dictate on the go and connect your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad wirelessly over WiFi to your PC or Mac when you get back to the office for automatic transcription.

Remote Desktop Connection

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 also supports remote use on any Windows computer even if Dragon Medical software is not installed.  As long as Dragon Medical Practice Edition is running on the server, multiple Windows clients can use it at the same time from their laptop or home computer.

To learn more about these features, the best medical dictation software solutions available, and how to get unparalleled Dragon Medical support, call us today.

1 Focus Medical Software

At 1 Focus Medical Software, we ensure your success by offering only the best medical dictation software and speech recognition solutions backed by industry-leading consultation, installation, and lifetime support services.

We work with you to determine what software and hardware package will best meet the needs of your office or practice and then we install and configure a complete speech recognition solution that will undoubtedly save you time and money. As an Elite Dragon® Medical Practice Edition Partner and an international reseller of Dragon® NaturallySpeaking, our experts field inquiries and build voice recognition solutions all day, every day in addition to offering the best in Dragon Medical support.

Below are just a few examples of the solutions we provide and the benefits they offer.

Medical Speech Recognition

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 - the newest and most advanced medical dictation software solution available for medical practices with 24 physicians or less. Over 200,000 physicians worldwide have already adopted Dragon Medical speech recognition technology as the tool for speech-enabling their EMR/EHR and creating a more profitable practice.

Dragon® Dictate Medical for Mac – all of the advantages of Dragon Medical speech recognition offered for the Mac OS X platform.

Legal Speech Recognition

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal 13 - the speech recognition software of choice for the legal industry, redefining the process of transcription and saving law offices measurable amounts of time and personnel resources.

Compatible Dictation and Transcription Devices

To create a complete solution that streamlines recording, navigating, editing and transcription, integration of the right hardware is crucial. Integrating the appropriate dictation and transcription device, whether it’s the Nuance PowerMic II, the Philips (LFH3500) SpeechMike Premium, Philips (DPM8000) Digital Pocket Memo, Philips (DPM6000) Digital Pocket Memo, or a Plantronics Bluetooth Headset, accuracy and speed can be greatly improved with the right hardware.

How to Increase Medical Practice Workflow Efficiency with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

If you want to work faster and more efficiently on medical tasks and spend less time on paperwork, Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 is the answer. Imagine, having the ability to quickly and accurately dictate into your EHR/EMR, create patient progress notes, complete medical evaluations and correspondence, fax referral letters, and answer e-mail - all by voice!

Dragon Medical transcription software has been designed to turn medical dictation into text 3x faster than typing with more than 99% accuracy, making it more accurate than ever before, even when English is not your native language.  There is no need to worry about Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and accents.  The advanced acoustic models and regional accent support deliver stunning dictation and transcription accuracy for some of the most unique pronunciations of the most complex medical terms.  

Integrating Dragon Medical dictation software creates the perfect desktop front-end speech recognition solution for the single user, from medical practices to primary care facilities and departmental working groups.  Dragon Medical technology is easy to deploy, rich in end-user features, and proven to capture information directly into departmental information systems like EHRs/EMRs.

Below are the most important improvements for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 that increase workflow efficiencies for medical professionals.  Call us today to learn more about these features and to get the best Dragon Medical support available.

  • Improved accuracy
  • Faster corrections
  • Transparent dictation window with customizable opacity
  • Updated rich internet applications support
  • Updated interactive tutorial
  • Remote desktop connection support
  • Support for Microsoft Office 2013
  • Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
  • Usability in Windows 8.1

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and Accent Support

The diversity of physician backgrounds is an important factor when considering the development of effective speech recognition technology.  Accuracy in dictation and transcription of medical records can mean life or death given certain circumstances.  Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 addresses these sensitivities and ensures accuracy regardless of a physician’s native country or language through advanced adaptation techniques and accent-specific acoustic models.

Regional accent support included in Dragon Medical transcription software lets physicians speak in their own words, even when the most distinguishable and complex pronunciations are present.  If you’re concerned about Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and accents, don’t be.  With the proper set up and configuration during profile creation you can quickly and easily create precise patient notes and speech-enable your entire practice.  Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 supports eight of the most common accents including: Australian Accented English, British Accented English, Indian Accented English, Inland Northern US, Pakistani Accented English, Southeast Asian Accented English, Southern US and Spanish Accented English.

Dragon Medical technology allows clinicians to create speech-to-text documentation 3x faster than typing with more then 99% accuracy right out of the box.  And accented speakers get higher out-of-box recognition with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 thanks to regional accent support features.

Call us today for instant Dragon Medical support or to find the right medical dictation software for your practice.