1 Focus Medical Presents Case Study on Integration of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 as a Conduit to Efficiency and Job Satisfaction

Physician Endorses Use of Speech Recognition Technology With Proper Training and Technical Support in Small Medical Practices

Dr. Samuel Spitalewitz, M.D. has been practicing medicine for almost 35 years and currently works in a practice with four partners and five fellows who have successfully integrated Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 into their workflow. Reported results include increased efficiency in the practice, more time and money saved each day, and a renewed enjoyment of their profession.

“I heard through the grapevine that Dragon Medical Practice Edition worked well but I admit I was skeptical at the beginning,” said Dr. Spitalewitz. “After speaking with 1 Focus [Medical], I had a better understanding of the technology and how I could ensure my success by participating in the proper training and working with a company that can back me up with quality technical assistance.”

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is the most widely used speech recognition software available to medical practices with 24 or less physicians. Additional features in the newest edition include expanded medical vocabularies, customizable macros, improved accuracy and faster recognition speeds.

Dr. Spitalewitz reported using Dragon Medical Practice Edition to dictate upwards of 1,100 patient records per year. He indicated that the accuracy of the software continued to improve the more he used it, as he was trained to manage corrections properly. The availability of the sub-specialty vocabulary for Nephrology was a key element that contributed to the overall efficiency of Dr. Spitalewitz and his practice.

“I have been highly satisfied with my investment in the full version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and would do it again 100 times over,” said Dr. Spitalewitz. “It has saved me a considerable amount of time each day, made the process of clinical documentation easy, and allowed me to focus more on patients again, which is the whole reason I started practicing medicine to begin with.”

The installation and training process provided by 1 Focus Medical is straightforward and essential to the successful integration of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. With hundreds of specialized functions in the software, proper customization and instruction can make the difference between a frustrating experience and one that streamlines the workflow for every clinician involved. Training sessions can be performed remotely for convenience of the physician. Live demonstrations of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 can also be provided along with a detailed analysis of what software package is right for each unique practice.

For more information about Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and the value-added services and training provided by 1 Focus Medical, visit http://dragontranscription.com/.

About 1 Focus Medical Software:

1 Focus Medical Software is an “Elite” national reseller of Dragon® Medical Practice Edition by Nuance. 1 Focus Medical Software focuses on providing full-service sales and support to medical practices interested in maximizing their productivity and quality of patient care through the use of technology. The team assists with the purchase, installation, training and use of their products for life. They will make sure that a clinical practice’s specific needs are met and the right solution is found. While offering full-service consulting and sales of speech recognition software and hardware for the medical field, 1 Focus Medical Software can be found on the web at http://dragontranscription.com/.