1 Focus Medical Software is an Elite national reseller of Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2.2 speech recognition software by Nuance, the latest version of the industry leading software.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.2 features the most advanced speech recognition technology available, to date. This latest iteration is updated to support the Windows 8.1 operating system and improve compatibility with the PowerMic control system. If you are experiencing issues with the PowerMic control tool, our technicians can assist you in implementing the updates that come with the newest version. Click here to purchase the 2.2 upgrade.   

As one of the few IT solutions firms specializing in the Mac platform, 1 Focus Medical Software provides full-service support to medical practices interested in maximizing their productivity and quality of patient care through the use of technology. 1 Focus offers full-service software consulting, online speech recognition software and hardware sales for the medical professional.

Physicians who adopt Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.2 can turn speech into text three times faster than typing and with more than 99 % accuracy, right out of the box. With Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, clinicians can dictate patient encounters in their own words, including illness history, review of symptoms, physical examinations and more.

1 Focus Medical Software can be found at dragontranscription.com. Contact us to learn about the products and services we offer and how to receive discounts on qualifying purchases.