1 Focus Medical Software is proud to offer a FREE Tech Support Guarantee for life for our customers

1 Focus Medical is an Elite national reseller of Dragon® Dictate Medical speech recognition software by Nuance™, including Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac Version 4, Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 and Dragon® NaturallySpeaking Pro and Legal. With the purchase of any Nuance software products, 1 Focus offers quality Tech Support for the product; now you can rest assured that with your purchase, any question on commands, functionality or performance will be answered by one of our highly trained professionals. This is just part of the service we provide to our valued clients.

Keeping our clients up to date is why we offer Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4. It is the latest version of the most advanced speech recognition technology available and has fixed several issues prevalent in the previous version. This version has been updated to support the Windows 8.1 operating system and improve compatibility with the PowerMic control system, an issue in the previous version.

Nuance’s Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac is the software for physicians who are used to a more enhanced performance experience. While it is more than 99% accurate right out of the box and offers regional accent support, it also has customizable macros and a vocabulary track that offers over 90 medical specialty and subspecialty vocabularies. It is also HIPAA compliant, another key reason this software continues to be the choice of Mac user physicians.

Over 200,000 physicians to date have integrated Dragon Medical software into their respective medical practices to increase their workflow and improve on their current efficiency. Isn't it time you did?

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