1 Focus Medical Software Setting New Industry Standard for Technical Service With Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Consultant in Perioperative Medicine at Kaiser Permanente Physicians attributes a decade of success using speech recognition to reseller, 1 Focus Medical Software, support.

In emergency medicine, physicians must create a huge amount of documentation. Before the introduction of speech recognition technology, many physicians, including Dr. Abraham Abbott, experienced a degeneration of their written notes in part from the huge and uncomfortable knot on their finger from holding a pen for so many decades and also because of the speed necessary to perform the job and tasks. The writing in many cases suffered, was hard to read, and physicians typically didn’t put as much into their notes. Dragon® Medical Practice Edition has relieved a great deal of pressure experienced by physicians in emergency medicine when charting. In addition, it is fast, saves time, and money compared to transcription fees that are often very costly. The software also produces more accurate results.

“When I began using Dragon Medical voice recognition 10 years ago, I could instantly enter a significant amount of additional info and detailed descriptions more quickly and legibly,” said Dr. Abraham Abbott, Consultant in Perioperative Medicine at Kaiser Permanente Physicians, the largest HMO in California. “It made a big difference for me and still does.”

Dr. Abbott works with four emergency specialists in the anesthesia division of perioperative medicine at Kaiser Permanente Physicians, getting patients prepared for surgery. As a practicing physician in emergency medicine since 1970, Dr. Abbott reports a drastic improvement in the creation of his medical records since adopting Dragon Medical speech recognition software. In addition, the technology learns as it goes. Every month, the accuracy gets better as Dr. Abbott makes new corrections based on his dictation style, thereby making his days easier and more efficient.

“I can create medical records that have more color, description, and nuance, faster and more accurately than I ever could before,” said Dr. Abbott. “Now, my charting is excellent and I attribute that to my use of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 with the PowerMic™ II.”

Dr. Abbott uses the Nuance PowerMic II when dictating at his office or home computer and the Recorder app on his iPhone when recording notes on the go.

“I would highly recommend the PowerMic II for Dragon Medical Practice Edition users,” he says. “There really is no comparison to the quality of results you can get by using these technologies together.”

The success Dr. Abbott has experienced using Dragon Medical Practice Edition is in large part the result of continued and expedient full-service technical support provided by the team at 1 Focus Medical Software whom he has been working with and purchasing all of his equipment through for over 8 years.

“The team at 1 Focus Medical is just outstanding,” says Dr. Abbott. “They are patient, always available when I need them, diligent, and true experts at what they do. Josh and Ted really get the job done. I’m so taken by the energy and positivity of my friends at 1 Focus, and I say that very sincerely.”

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