Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac

If you’re reading this then you’re likely a Mac lover who already knows about the benefits of speech recognition and Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. 

Physicians who use this advanced speech recognition technology experience speech-to-text capabilities that leave their mouse and keyboard essentially collecting dust on the shelf or desk while their practice becomes more efficient and profitable.  If you use a Mac, and you’re wondering if these capabilities can be yours, well… they can.

Dragon® Dictate Medical for Mac has carved a new path for physicians who are loyal Mac users willing to not only adopt an EHR/EMR, but also own it.  When it comes to advanced speech recognition technology, Apple never gets left out. 

Dragon Medical for Mac was built from the ground up with an understanding that Mac users expect an elite level of performance from the technology they employ.  Fully functional with existing Mac OS X applications and the latest Mac OS X releases, it delivers the same key benefits as those in the PC-based edition.  We are now proud to state that Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac offers a new level of speech recognition for physicians. 

With the right Dragon Medical support, physicians using the Mac platform can experience speech-to-text results 3x faster than typing with more than 99% accuracy.  They can improve the efficiency of their practice and achieve meaningful use standards within their EHR more quickly and easily.  Ultimately, physicians using Dragon Medical for Mac can achieve higher levels of reimbursement along with reduced transcription costs, all resulting in a measurable and impressive ROI.

To learn more about this advanced speech recognition technology or to get Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac support, call us today toll free at 888-775-6276 or International at 415-775-3020