Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and Accent Support

The diversity of physician backgrounds is an important factor when considering the development of effective speech recognition technology.  Accuracy in dictation and transcription of medical records can mean life or death given certain circumstances.  Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 addresses these sensitivities and ensures accuracy regardless of a physician’s native country or language through advanced adaptation techniques and accent-specific acoustic models.

Regional accent support included in Dragon Medical transcription software lets physicians speak in their own words, even when the most distinguishable and complex pronunciations are present.  If you’re concerned about Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and accents, don’t be.  With the proper set up and configuration during profile creation you can quickly and easily create precise patient notes and speech-enable your entire practice.  Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 supports eight of the most common accents including: Australian Accented English, British Accented English, Indian Accented English, Inland Northern US, Pakistani Accented English, Southeast Asian Accented English, Southern US and Spanish Accented English.

Dragon Medical technology allows clinicians to create speech-to-text documentation 3x faster than typing with more then 99% accuracy right out of the box.  And accented speakers get higher out-of-box recognition with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 thanks to regional accent support features.

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