Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and Windows-based EMR/EHRs

Many physicians have reported that when used alone, EHRs can actually slow them down in terms of documenting patient care and creating a more efficient workflow.  So what is a busy practice to do?  Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 presents an easy solution for maximizing the power of the Windows-based EHR/EMR and achieving a more rewarding practice. Dragon Medical and EHRs, when integrated and configured based on the needs of the medical practice, can in fact result in more personalized and detailed narrative notes as well as a more streamlined progression through template forms.

Dragon Medical and EMRs, when used together are proven to increase the speed and accuracy of documentation, giving physicians more time to spend with patients, and capturing the patient’s story in the clinician’s own words.  This collaborative functionality also allows physicians to achieve a lower number of denials and higher reimbursement levels.

Additional value can also be realized with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 in terms of its transcription capabilities.  With more than 90 medical specialty and subspecialty vocabularies plus regional accent support, Dragon Medical technology is the go-to for medical transcription software that produces speech-to-text documentation in the EHR/EMR 3x faster than typing with more than 99% accuracy.  The precision with which Dragon Medical software can transcribe medical dictation can save physicians tens of thousands of dollars per year in transcription costs by reducing or eliminating the need for outsourcing of these often time-consuming tasks.

If you’re working with a windows-based EMR/EHR and want to experience what the best medical dictation software has to offer, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 delivers. 

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is a leading speech recognition solution designed to work with Windows-based EMRs and/or EHRs and accelerate the speed at which medical documentation is produced in addition to improving the overall quality of patient notes. 

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