Dragon® NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognition Software Now Comes in Versions for Professionals and Individuals

Nuance Communications is pleased to announce the introduction of two new versions of its Dragon® NaturallySpeaking Professional 13 speech-recognition software to better meet the specific needs of users.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 13 has been split into Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Group 13.5 and Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Individual 14.

Professionals working in a group environment where there are multiple of users of Nuance’s industry leading solution are targeted by Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Group, which retains the same feature set as Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Individual is designed for individual professionals and people with physical limitations who work in a small office setting. As a result, a number of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13’s advanced features that are geared toward group environments, such as administrative settings and the Roaming User feature, have been deleted.

Both versions are compatible with Windows 10 and include additional functionalities tailored to the needs of each type of user.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Pro 13.5’s advancements include:

  • An enhanced User Interface, that is more intuitive and easy to use
  • Smart Format Rules offering even more hints for alternative words
  • A Learn from Sent Email tool that works with Web-based email such as Gmail™ and Yahoo! Mail® for more potential sources for familiarization with words and phrases you may write
  • A new Vocabulary Editor interface making it easy to add new words and customize each word’s unique properties
  • Support for microphones built into many of the latest laptops for optimal flexibility and convenience

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Individual includes:

  • Advanced, customizable time-saving commands
  • Vocabulary customization
  • Dragon Anywhere Integration, a new mobile application that enables users of iOS and android devices to turn voice into text, as well as edit documents on mobile devices.
  • The ability to transcribe an individual speaker’s recording without traditional Dragon training.
  • Revamped help files that are even easier to use

Both versions are 99 percent accurate, right out of the box, and can turn speech into text three times faster than typing. They are also chock full of the patented technology and advanced features that have made Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional the leader in the speech recognition software industry.

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