Easily integrate with any EMR/EHR system with Dragon Medical Practice Edition or Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac

The Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2.2 speech recognition software and Dragon® Dictate Medical for Mac Version 4 are designed to easily integrate with any EMR/EHR systems.

Dragon products are the most advanced speech recognition solutions available for clinicians, to date. Both Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.2 and Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac Version 4 streamline workflows and optimize the use of EMR/EHR systems in medical practices. Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac Version 4 can be integrated in to medical practices of any size, where as Dragon Medical Practice Edition is limited to medical practices with 24 physicians or less. With the front-end speech and back-end editing features of Dragon Medical software, a medical practice can drastically reduce the costs associated with traditional transcription outsourcing.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac Version 4 have over 90 medical specialty and subspecialty vocabularies included in the software, even the most complex terminology and phrasing is transcribed with more than 99% accuracy, right out of the box. More complete, accurate documentation improves coding effectiveness and provides greater detail for each patient, so physicians can be confident in coding at higher levels than with EMR/EHR systems alone.

Physicians who adopt Dragon Medical solutions, whether it’s on their Mac or PC, can turn speech into text three times faster than typing, leaving more time for patient interaction.

1 Focus Medical Software can be found at dragontranscription.com. Contact us to learn about the products and services we offer and how to receive discounts on qualifying purchases.