How to Increase Medical Practice Workflow Efficiency with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

If you want to work faster and more efficiently on medical tasks and spend less time on paperwork, Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 is the answer. Imagine, having the ability to quickly and accurately dictate into your EHR/EMR, create patient progress notes, complete medical evaluations and correspondence, fax referral letters, and answer e-mail - all by voice!

Dragon Medical transcription software has been designed to turn medical dictation into text 3x faster than typing with more than 99% accuracy, making it more accurate than ever before, even when English is not your native language.  There is no need to worry about Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and accents.  The advanced acoustic models and regional accent support deliver stunning dictation and transcription accuracy for some of the most unique pronunciations of the most complex medical terms.  

Integrating Dragon Medical dictation software creates the perfect desktop front-end speech recognition solution for the single user, from medical practices to primary care facilities and departmental working groups.  Dragon Medical technology is easy to deploy, rich in end-user features, and proven to capture information directly into departmental information systems like EHRs/EMRs.

Below are the most important improvements for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 that increase workflow efficiencies for medical professionals.  Call us today to learn more about these features and to get the best Dragon Medical support available.

  • Improved accuracy
  • Faster corrections
  • Transparent dictation window with customizable opacity
  • Updated rich internet applications support
  • Updated interactive tutorial
  • Remote desktop connection support
  • Support for Microsoft Office 2013
  • Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
  • Usability in Windows 8.1