Multi-Tasking Made Easy with Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 Speech Recognition Software

Multi-tasking is a must over the course of a healthcare professional’s hectic workday. Nuance Communications addressed that necessity in the design of its Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2.2 software.

Dragon Medical speech recognition solutions include a Hidden Dictation Box, which allows medical professionals to dictate anywhere in their EHR/EMR, eliminating navigation between screens and the notes window. With the Hidden Dictation Box, commonly known as Hidden Mode, you can dictate into Dragon Medical, even when the cursor is active in another application or a website. The Dictation Box can made visible or invisible, whatever the situation demands.

Hidden Mode feature is an essential feature for physicians, radiologists and other clinicians who need to focus their attention elsewhere while dictating medical reports into Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 using your preferred microphone. All that’s required in the Hidden Mode is for you to dictate and then click into the appropriate EHR/EMR field, and say, “Transfer text” or press the HotKey, which by default is CTRL+Shift+T – but can be customized to something similar to suit your needs. If you are using a handheld microphone such as the Nuance PowerMic II or the Philips SpeechMike Premium, you can customize any of the buttons to be the HotKey for transferring your text from the hidden dictation box in to your EMR/EHR.

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