Official Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Compatibility with Windows 8.1 patch is now available

There is finally an update for our customers that are using Windows 8.1 with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.


  • DMPE 2.2 supports Windows 8.1.
  • Supported upgrade paths are from DMPE versions 2.0 and 2.1.
  • DMPE version 1.x customers must first upgrade to DMPE 2.0 and then use the 2.2 service pack. 
  • This software download is replacement software only and requires a DMPE 2.x serial number for installation.
  • DMPE version 1.x (build 11) serial numbers cannot be used to upgrade to or install DMPE 2.x software.


Current customers that have Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 installed (and build 12.x – likely 12.5.x) will be prompted by the Common Software Manager that was installed with any Nuance Product.  Please make sure to read the instructions carefully – they instruct you to download the patch only and THEN proceed with the installation.  All of our customers obviously get free technical support for life and can simply call of email us to assist with the update.

We have also uploaded the updates to our server for your convenience.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.2 PATCH (to use if you already have DMPE 2 installed):

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.2 Full Download (to be used if you would like to do a fresh install on a new Windows 8.1 computer): please call us or email us if you are an existing client. Only our current customers under our Free Lifetime Technical Support can receive a full download link with instructions.