Roaming User Profiles make Dictating from Different Machines and Locations a Snap

Changes can be made remotely across an enterprise network with Dragon® NaturallySpeaking Professional, Dragon® NaturallySpeaking Legal and Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 Roaming User feature, which can synchronize user profiles on networked computers utilizing Dragon’s speech recognition software.

A network profile is all that’s required for users to dictate information that will be reflected system-wide and to utilize the time, effort and money saving features that have made Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal and Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 the favored speech recognition solution for professionals, students and everyone in between.

The Roaming User feature allows you to dictate utilizing your network user profile from different locations using a variety of computing and audio input devices, without the creation of a user profile on each piece of equipment. This means that if you teach computer #1 a word, a command or anything else, that all of the other computers networked will learn them as well. This is a technology that even allows a networked computer to leave the network, hence leave the Roaming User profile, and take advantage of a local user, say if a physician wanted to take their laptop home and dictate treatment plan updates.

Managing enterprise profile and desktop dictation deployment is simplified for network administrators with the Roaming User feature, which enables them to:

  • Easily set up users to access their centralized profile from multiple machines, whether at the office, at home or in the field; as long as users can connect to their server.
  • Update custom vocabulary from a central location, quickly and easily.
  • Efficiently distribute common voice macros across a network.

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