Soap Notes Easily Created With Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.2

The industry leading features of Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2.2 speech recognition software enable physicians to significantly reduce time spent on dictating SOAP notes and other patient record updates.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.2 is the most advanced speech recognition solution available for clinicians, to date. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.2 streamlines workflows and optimizes the use of EHR systems in medical practices with 24 physicians or less. With over 90 medical specialty and subspecialty vocabularies included in the software, even the most complex terminology and phrasing is transcribed with more than 99% accuracy, right out of the box.

Customizable macros and templates are among the Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.2 features that optimize patient documentation. Doctors can easily create the SOAP – Subjective Objective Assessment Plan – notes used to devise patient treatment plans by simply opening a SOAP template created with a custom command they built, by simply using their voice.

Dragon Medical software allows users to quickly and easily dictate patient notes, create comprehensive treatment plans and send emails, letters and referrals – all with the sound of one’s voice.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and its patented speech recognition technology comes preprogrammed to recognize 9 regional accents and can also be trained specifically to the way any individual with any accent pronounces a word so it clearly understands them every time.

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