Streamline Your Workflow with New Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac V4

Dragon® Dictate Medical for Mac Version 4 speech recognition software enhances compatibility with OSX Mavericks and Yosemite, heightened performance with pure 64-bit applications and support for full text control of Gmail within Safari and Firefox.

Dedicated Mac users who own Dragon Dictate version 3 will see some marked improvements in version 4. The responsiveness of the software has been improved especially when making edits. With the incorporation of the acoustic and vocabularies from the Windows version – Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, you should notice a significant increase in the medical terms that Dragon recognizes, especially in regards to the medical specialties area.

With the addition of a General English vocabulary feature, you will benefit greatly as it will assist you with your non-medical voice recognition when creating emails and similar documentation.

Dragon Medical continues to meet the needs of the medical community as the world’s most advanced medical dictation software solutions available for practices of all sizes, ranging from the single practitioner to large hospital settings. Over 200,000 physicians worldwide have adopted Dragon Medical speech recognition technology as their tool for speech-enabling their EMR/EHR and creating a more profitable practice. Physicians who adopt Dragon Medical for Mac Version 4 can turn speech into text three times faster than typing and with more than 99 percent accuracy, right out of the box.

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