What's the difference between Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional 13?

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 and Dragon® Naturally Speaking Professional 13 share the advanced features that have made Dragon the worldwide leader in speech recognition software. Both can turn speech into text three times faster than typing, with more than 99 percent accuracy, right out of the box. They are also compatible with Windows-based programs and enable users to streamline workflows and reduce transcription costs.

What makes Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 the perfect solution for physicians begins with the vocabulary. This software is designed specifically to meet the needs of medical practices with 24 physicians or less and offers a comprehensive medical vocabulary library that includes more than 90 specialties and sub-specialties. Many people think that a medical vocabulary is just a bunch of words. That is 1/3 the truth. Yes, there are the actual vocabulary words, but phonetics and contextual knowledge play an even larger role in increasing your accuracy for a specific medical specialty. If the speech engine cannot understand the delivered phonetics then it will never get the correct word no matter how many words you have in the vocabulary.   Then, if it cannot accurately convert the phonetics into probable context (i.e. what you are most likely to say next in a given sentence made up of words based on that context) it will not get the dictation correct.  So, the amount of words in the vocabulary is not what will make it accurate.  Having the phonetics + context + vocabulary within a given specialty is what will make it more accurate.

When you dictate, the speech program converts your voice into sounds or phonemes.  The speech engine then takes these phonemes and starts to build possible words based on the specific sounds.  These possible words are then compared to a database of context knowledge.  Based on the context the speech engine outputs the words to your computer.

This is what makes the program to type “anteroinferior” instead of “ants are inferior” or any other likewise phonetically sounded word.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 provides support for HIPAA and is made to provide you with the necessary supportive commands to work within a large amount of EMR/EHRs. Combine the robust library with the medical formatting, support, and search commands, and you can see why this is the speech recognition solution of choice for over 200,000 physicians worldwide.

The busy corporate professional will get the most from Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 13. Any person trying to dictate directly into an EMR/HER with a non-medical version of Dragon will be blocked by the system. This software was built to turn the spoken word into text three times faster than typing – saving coveted time and allowing the professional to be more productive. It enables you to create documents and email messages, write reports and complete forms, all by using your voice. Its intuitive design detects the best audio devices available for you to select based on its recommendations. The profile creation process is even shorter than in the previous version – and the accuracy is increased by up to 15%. There’s even a version designed for the legal industry, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal 13.

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For more information about Dragon Medical speech recognition software, please click here.