Why Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 – Benefits for Physicians

What are your top complaints about documenting patient care in your EHR/EMR? Too time consuming, too much point and click with your mouse required, inability to capture all aspects of the patient encounter?  Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 offers a solution that has quickly earned the spot as the best medical dictation software available to overcome these obstacles.

When integrated properly, Dragon Medical and EHRs can in fact empower physicians with the ability to document patient care in their own words, navigate EHR templates with simple voice commands, and significantly reduce or eliminate the need for a mouse and keyboard as well as outsourced transcription services.

Ultimately, the bottom line benefits for physicians who use Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 as their medical transcription software are more streamlined dictation and transcription that saves time and money, as well as patient records that produce higher reimbursement levels by meeting meaningful use criteria quickly and easily.

More than 200,000 physicians worldwide, and counting, have already adopted Dragon Medical Practice Edition as their speech recognition software of choice, subsequently saving tens of thousands of dollars while creating a more efficient experience within their EHR/EMR. 

If you’re feeling frustrated with the quality and efficiency of your workflow, contact us today and learn more about how Dragon Medical and EMRs can help you achieve a more rewarding practice.