Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 - With the New Dragon 15 Speech Engine! A709A-X00-4.0
Sales price: $1,599.99

New- Released 1/22/18. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 includes a 30,000 + word Medical vocabulary for each of the nearly 90 specialties and subspecialties. There are 15,000 General Medical terms & 15,000 Specialty Specific Medical terms utilized when you pick your specialty. The vocabularies include medical terms, procedures, medications, abbreviations, acronyms, diseases and diagnoses. Work faster and more efficiently on professional tasks and spend less time on paperwork. Quickly and accurately dictate into Electronic Health Records (or Electronic Medical Records), create patient progress notes, complete medical evaluations and correspondence, fax referral letters, and answer e-mail - all by voice! Virtually all windows compatible Electronic Health/Medical Records are supported.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is section 508 certified, and offers complete hands-free use of the PC for users with mobility disabilities. Tools for large distributed network deployments (e.g. Citrix terminal and roaming users) are included. A Nuance approved noise canceling headset is included with a USB adapter. Everything you need to start comes in the box, with Free Technical Support from us, the experts!

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is equally suited for individual practitioners and large hospitals.

Dragon is licensed per speaker, but can be installed on 4 computers.
Each Doctor/ Speaker needs a licens.