Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac

Dragon for Mac Medical Version 5

Clinicians who have been using Dragon for Mac Medical v.5 can now upgrade their outdated software to the award-winning Dragon® Medical speech recognition software, mirrored after Dragon® Dictate 5, and built from the ground up to work seamlessly with EHR/EMR systems running on the Mac platform.

Dragon Medical for Mac ® is the premier voice recognition software for small to large medical practices that want to save time and money while creating a more efficient and profitable practice. 

Physicians who are loyal to the Mac platform can now use their own words and simple voice commands to generate more complete and accurate patient records three times faster than typing.  By saving time on the process of clinical documentation, clinicians are able to focus more on providing quality patient care and increasing their enjoyment of practicing medicine.

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac can reduce or eliminate the need for transcription services, facilitate the fulfillment of meaningful use criteria and increase reimbursement levels.  Physicians already using Dragon Medical speech recognition technology have reported an almost immediate ROI.

New Features

  • Full support for EHR/EMRs
  • Up to 99% accurate out-of-the-box
  • Regional accent support
  • More than 90 medical specialty vocabularies
  • Vocabulary editor
  • Customized macros
  • Transcription of recorded speech
  • Enhanced Bluetooth® support
  • Wireless mic and digital recorder apps for use with iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® touch or compatible Android™ device
  • Cross-platform support on entire iWorks series and Microsoft® Office Suite
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Built in Tutorial

System requirements

  • CPU: Intel®-based Mac computer (2.2 GHz Intel Core™2 Duo processor or greater recommended)
  • Free hard disk space: 7GB
  • Minimum Operating Systems: OS X® Mavericks (10.9) , Mac OS® X Lion (10.10), or Mac OS® X El Capitan (10.11)
  • RAM: 4GB recommended
  • A DVD-ROM drive for installation (A flash drive and download installation alternative is coming soon for MacBook Air users)
  • A Nuance®-approved noise-canceling headset microphone for Mac (included in purchase)
  • Note: An Internet connection is required for automatic product activation (a quick anonymous process)

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Dragon Dictate for Mac version 4

Dragon Dictate 6

With Dragon Dictate for Mac 6 speech recognition software, you can use your voice to create and edit text or interact with your favorite Mac applications. Far more than just speech-to-text, Dragon Dictate lets you create and edit documents, manage email, surf the Web, update social networks, and more – quickly, easily and accurately, all by voice. Open and close or navigate between applications, or even create your own custom voice commands to execute multiple steps with a simple word or phrase. Use your iPhone or iPod as a wireless microphone, or capture your notes on-the-go using a digital voice recorder and Dragon Dictate 6 will transcribe them for you.

Includes a high-quality USB microphone for Mac as the standard headset with new purchases. Bluetooth microphone option is available. Download version is available, and requires the user provide a Nuance-approved USB microphone.

What's new in Dragon Dictate 6 for Mac:

Even More Accurate

  • Dragon Dictate for Mac 6 delivers a 15% improvement to out-of-the-box accuracy when compared to version 5.x. This means that Dragon gets you, and you get things done, faster than ever. Dragon Dictate for Mac relies on the latest Dragon speech recognition engine (from Dragon NaturallySpeaking 14), and also samples higher quality audio in order to deliver unprecedented accuracy, so that what you say is what you get. 

Advanced Correction

  • When it comes to making a correction, Dragon Dictate for Mac 6 makes it faster and easier than ever before. Simply speak to correct individual words or phrases through a single, easy to understand window. Select an alternate word choice, or spell and train new words. Dragon Dictate includes a richer list of alternative word choices too, so when you do make a correction, it's more likely that the word or phrase you intended will be presented as an option. And when you make a correction, Dragon learns, making it more accurate the more that you use it.  

Control in More Applications

  • Dragon Dictate for Mac 6 gives you control in more applications, so that you can use your voice to get more done. Dragon Dictate delivers an Express Editor so that you can dictate into a text field for which it does not have Full Text Control. After you finish dictating, you can transfer the text from the Express Editor to the desired application quickly and easily by voice.  

Digital Voice Recorder Support:

  • Transcription of Recorded Speech –  It's easy to transcribe your own recorded speech into text with Dragon Dictate for Mac 6. Simply establish a user profile for a digital voice recorder, and have Dragon Dictate transcribe your recorded voice quickly and easily. Supports .wav, .m4a, .m4v, .mp4, .aif, and .aiff audio file formats.
  • Dragon Recorder - If you don't have a digital voice recorder available to you, use our free Dragon Recorder app to record your thoughts using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (4th gen). Dragon Dictate will transcribe the recorded audio files when you are back at your Mac

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